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Child Support

Don’t fret, a simple online calculator can easily help you figure out child support details.

Custody Options

Learn if Standard Possession, Expanded Possession, Week On - Week Off, or Custom custody is right for you.

What does that mean?

Use our helpful glossary below to clarify any confusing terminology.


The person initiating the case.


The person against whom the petition is filed.


A legal document filed in court by a spouse who seeks a divorce.


Spouses are unable to agree to the terms of their divorce and require legal intervention.


Both spouses agree on all of their divorce-related issues.

Pro Se

A self represented litigant.

Case/Cause/Matter Number

Unique number issued by the clerk to identify your specific case. The number is listed at the top of the petition.

Case/Cause/Matter Style

Specific text in the beginning of the petition to identify your specific case.

Mandatory Waiting Period

Texas law requires a 60 day waiting period after filing the petition.

Temporary Orders

Court orders issued while case is pending to determine custody, child support, visitation, use of property and payment of bills.

Final Decree

The court's final order granting termination of marriage.

Prove Up

A short hearing to present testimony to the Judge on an uncontested issue or an agreement between the parties. Depending on your county, you typically only need one party present.

Limited Scope Representation

A solution for the growing number of people who can not afford (or do not wish to pay for) a lawyer or traditional legal services. Under Limited Scope Representation, a lawyer provides only specified legal services to a client rather than handling all aspects of a client’s case.

Date of Separation

When you ceased living together or made the decision to get a divorce

Geographic Restriction

The part of the divorce decree that restricts where the children subject to the order can reside.

How long will it take?


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How do we figure out child support?

The Attorney General of Texas provides an easy to use Child Support Calculator.

What are my custody options?

Standard Possession Overview

First/Third/Fifth Weekends (beginning Friday afterschool or at 6pm and ending Sunday at 6pm) and Alternating Holidays.

Expanded Possession Overview

First/Third/Fifth Weekends (beginning Thursday at school dismissal and ending Monday at school drop off) and Alternating Holidays.

Week On - Week Off Overview

Parents alternate weeks of possession.


Create a custom plan that works for you.

What else do I need?

Please fill out the following form and bring this with you to your prove up. 

These are questions that you may be asked by the judge at your prove up. 

Post Divorce Tips

  • After the documents relating to the division of assets have been signed by the court, submit your documents to the appropriate parties.
  • Change the titles on your vehicles and other property.
  • Prepare new wills and other estate planning documents.
  • Change the beneficiary on your life insurance, 401K and IRA account, unless you are ordered to leave it in your former spouse’s name.
  • If you have moved, update your mailing address with credit card companies, banks, the department of motor vehicles and insurance companies.
  • Obtain auto insurance in your name only.
  • If you were awarded any debts associated with property, refinance the debt so that it is solely in your name.
  • Contact your bank and close any joint accounts that you were awarded and reopen the accounts in your name only.
  • Close any joint safety deposit or PO Boxes.
  • Keep copies of all social security documents related to your previous spouse. If you were married for more than ten years you may still be eligible for your spouse’s social security benefits.
  • Revoke all powers of attorney that you may have granted to your spouse in writing.
  • If you were previously receiving health insurance through your spouse, ensure that you have continued coverage through COBRA or obtain health insurance through other means.
  • If you changed your name as a result of the divorce, obtain a new driver’s license, passport and social security card.
  • Begin keeping copies of all your child’s medical records and expenses. Remember to send a copy of any uninsured medical expenses to your former spouse so that you can be reimbursed for 50% of the expense.
  • Ensure that all property awarded in the divorce has been exchanged.
  • Obtain a certified copy of your decree.
  • Create a new budget based on your change in income and expenses.